November 26, 2012

European Parliament against fundamental changes to the #ITRs – 22 November 2012 – (WCIT-2012)

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The European Parliament adopted a resolution on 22 Nov 2012 calling upon the European Council and the Commission to ensure

that any changes to the International Telecommunication Regulations help to advance “the internet as a truly public place, where human rights and fundamental freedoms, particularly freedom of expression and assembly, are respected and the observance of free market principles, net neutrality and entrepreneurship are ensured.”


The EP regrets “the lack of transparency and inclusiveness surrounding the negotiations for WCIT-12”, rejects that ITU or any other single entity should have a regulatory authority over Internet governance or traffic flows, and “believes that internet governance and related regulatory issues should continue to be defined at a comprehensive and multi-stakeholder level.”


Make sure you read the full text of the resolution.


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