June 24, 2012

About Peter H. Hellmonds

In April 2017, after a long and successful corporate career as a senior executive of public and international affairs, Peter started his own company Arete Publica Associates®, an international public affairs management consultancy.

At Arete Publica Associates, Peter shares his experience and expertise in public affairs and international relations, in development issues, corporate responsibility and government relations to advance the interests of his clients in Germany, Europe, and beyond.

Previously, Peter H. Hellmonds has been active in export finance, project finance and public-private partnerships of major infrastructure projects such as airports, power generation plants or telecommunications. His current primary business sectors cover telecommunications, the Internet and the information society, but he also covers the transportation and energy business sectors.

Peter’s proven track record of taking on new and groundbreaking challenges is coupled with stamina and determination, which ensures that projects are seen through to completion. Peter H. Hellmonds performs equally well in “pulling the strings” behind the scenes or by representing business interests in the public. Endowed with excellent strategic and analytical skills, Peter is an experienced writer, speaker, presenter and moderator with the ability to engage effortlessly in multicultural and multilingual environments.

Peter is a world citizen with advanced degrees from three of the world’s top 5 international relations universities and has gained ten years of direct international exposure by living abroad. He has studied and worked in various countries in Europe, the Middle East and North America. Overall, Peter has over thirty-five years experience in multinational, multilingual and multicultural environments such as the World Bank, the United Nations, or in a number of multinational corporations.

He served as a Consultant to the World Bank, as an advisor to the United Nations, as an expert for the German UNESCO Commission, and as contributing member of the International Chamber of Commerce. Through this, Peter H. Hellmonds has accumulated impressive international negotiation skills dealing with businesses, governments, civil society, and international organizations in complex international issues.

Peter H. Hellmonds has a Bachelor’s degree in International Affairs from the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University in Washington, DC, USA, a Certificate in International Studies from the School of Advanced International Studies of Johns Hopkins University’s Bologna Center in Italy, and a Master of Public Affairs degree in International Development Studies from the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Prineton University in Princeton, NJ, USA.

Areas of expertise

Public affairs, government relations, international affairs, corporate responsibility


Europe, Middle-East, North America


United Nations, European Union, World Bank, ITU, UNESCO, ICC

Industry Sectors

information society, ICT, power, energy, transportation, infrastructure


financial services, project finance, export finance, sales, marketing, communications, management consulting, account management, risk management, corporate responsibility, ethics, compliance, transparency


Fluent in German (native speaker), English (bilingual), French, and Italian.

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