February 3, 2013


This website is my personal blog. From time to time I may post here some personal observations and comments as well as links to events and noteworthy news about the Information Society, Internet Governance, and ICT for Development (ICT4D). This website is intended for my friends and professional colleagues to follow news, events and my views on those issues.

In the past, I have preferred to work more quietly, mostly behind the scenes, without the need for a public website. I have over the years been fairly visible through my Facebook and Twitter presences. Since some of my professional colleagues and friends have been leaving Facebook over privacy concerns, this blog was originally intended to become my publicly visible Web presence. However, I realize there is no escaping from social networks, which is why this blog here never really became that big of a thing.

If you are interested in what topics I have spoken about publicly over the years, please visit my “About” pages, where you will find speeches and publications for download.

In April 2017 I formed my own consulting company Arete Publica Associates® in Munich, Germany. You will find some more stuff about me there.

Enjoy, and please leave a comment. 🙂

Peter H. Hellmonds

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