February 3, 2013

About This Site

This website is a personal, professional blog, using WordPress, PHP and MySQL. The Theme used is an experimental Timeline Theme inspired by the previous Facebook Timeline look. Currently, various domains point to the same address: hellmonds.com, hellmonds.net, hellmonds.org. These domains and this Website are currently not intended for any commercial purpose, but this may change in the future.

This site is fully functional with a dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6 address. So, this site is
IPv6 ready

The hosting provider for this site is keeping this site redundantly in two different server parks in Europe with daily backups and the ability to switch from one server park to the other should one of them experience difficulties. It is connected redundantly via various Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) via a 300 GBps network connection. The provider buys energy from 100% renewable energies from hydroelectric power plants in Norway. Data security and privacy follows the strict laws and regulations in Germany.

This blog has an interface with Facebook, which could result in your data becoming part of Facebook’s privacy rules. On the one hand, if you “Like” an entry here and you are logged into Facebook, then your “Likes” and “Comments” will show up here as well as on Facebook. Those who are “Friends” with me on Facebook can comment here without moderation. Others need to be approved for their first comment and are automatically approved afterwards. For the time being, search engines search are asked not to index this blog. Please feel free to post comments.

Last update: 06 March 2015