April 13, 2013

IPv6 ready

Today, I can proudly announce that my website is IPv6 ready!

ipv6 ready

Originally posted on April 13, 2013:
While I am happy that I found the feature on the configuration page of my hosting provider 1&1, I am still unhappy with the fact that my ISP (the same 1&1), which claims to be one of the biggest ISPs in Europe (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1%261_Internet) can not yet provide me with an IPv6 routing. This means, while my blog is reachable from the IPv6 Internet, I still can not reach any IPv6 websites. Hopefully this will follow, soon. I’m in touch with their support staff and will post follow-ups here.

Update May 22, 2013:
I’ve been in touch with support staff at my ISP and worked on enabling an IPv6 tunnel using the tunnelbroker from Hurricane Electric. As mentioned in my previous post, I got IPv6 enabled on my blog a few weeks ago by flipping a switch in the config at my ISP. Now finally my insistence with my ISP was successful so that I have now both IPv4 and IPv6 working from home. 🙂

IPv6-yes IPv4-yes