July 18, 2016

Academic Papers

(1985-1992, unpublished)


Princeton University (Princeton, NJ, USA)

Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs (WWS)

Privatization in Central Europe

Hungary, Poland, and the CSFR

WWS 582a, Prof. Paul Volcker, Prof. Paolo Pesenti

May 1992, 22 pages


The Global Service Economy

North-South Negotiations on Trade in Services in the Uruguay Round

WWS 552, Relations between Industrialized and Developing Countries, Prof. Jeffrey Herbst

May 1992, 32 pages


Leapfrogging into the Information Age

Computers and Communications for African Developing Countries

WWS 588, Science, Technology and Public Policy, Prof. Charles Weiss

January 1992, 26 pages


Post-Europe 1992 Prospects for Cooperation in an Trilateral World Model

WWS 541, International Relations, Prof. Michael Doyle

January 1992, 18 pages


The Decline of America in International Relations – Theory and Practice

WWS 551, Relations Among Advanced Industrialized Spocieties, Prof. John Ikenberry

May 1991, 19 pages


Egypt Country Report

WWS 512c, Macroeconomic Analysis – Advanced, Prof. Glenn Donaldson

May 1991, 5 pages


In Whose Interest?

An Evaluation of Three Development Projects in Africa

WWs 592a, Project Management in Developing Countries, Prof. Samuel Paul

January 1991, 21 pages


Johns Hopkins University (Bologna, Italy)

The Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS)

Adapting to Technological Change

The Influence of Technological Change on Internationale Organizations with an Emphasis on GATT, ITELSAT, and the ITU

Issues in International Organization, Prof. Georges Delcoigne

December 1990, 19 pages


Spanning Time and Space

A Brief Review of the Role of Telematics and of the Arab Middle East for the Functioning of the 24-Hour Global Financial Markets

International Financial Markets, Prof. J. A. Kregel

December 1990, 24 pages


Deregulation of Telecommunications in Western Europe

Divergent Policies in a Convergent Environment: The Experience in Britain, France, and the Federal Republic of Germany

The Political Economy of Western Europe, Prof. David Soskice

November 1990, 29 pages


The Role of the Financial System for the Industrial Development of Italy since 1861

Origins of Contemporary Italy, Prof. Adrian Lyttelton

May 1990, 34 pages


“Outward-Looking” Development Policies

Necessary, but not Sufficient

Problems of Economic Development, Prof. Riccardo Faini

February 1990, 17 pages


Television without Frontiers – Between Culture and Commerce

An Examination of the Dispute Arising Within the EC and Between the EC and the USA Due to the Imposition of a Quota Regulating Programming Content of Television Broadcasts in Article 4 of Council Directove No. 89/552/EC of 3 Oct. 89

International Trade and EEC Law, Prof. Paolo Mengozzi
January 1990, 36 pages


GATT, Lomé and 1992

The Relations Between the EC and ACP Countries – Historical Continuity in a Period of Change

Western Europe and the Third World, Dr. Christopher Stevens

January 1990, 62 pages


The European Communities’ “Global Mediterranean Policy”

The Politics of West European Integration, Dr. Reinhardt Rummel

November 1989, 17 pages


Georgetown University (Washington, DC, USA)

The Edmund E. Walsh School of Foreign Service (SFS)

The Challenge of 1992

Telecommunications in Europe

International Communications, Prof. Wilson Dizard

May 1989, 35 pages


Freie Universität Berlin (Berlin, Germany)

Economics faculty / Fachbereich Wirtschaftswissenschaften

Brauchen wir eine Krise? (Do we need a crisis?)

Krisenmanagement oder “Kooperatives Szenario” der internationalen Währungspolitik

(Crisis management or cooperative scenario in international monetary politics)

Weltwirtschaftliches Seminar: Aktuelle Probleme des internationalen Währungssystems, Prof. Dr. D. Lorenz

(World economics seminar: current problems of the international monetary system)

July 1988, 29 pages


Political science Faculty / Fachbereich Politische Wissenschaft

Die Wirtswchaftspolitik der Bundesrepublik Deutschland und GroĂźbritanniens im Vergleich

(Comparison of the economic policies of the Federal Republic of Germany and Great Britain)

Innenpolitik der Bundesrepublik Deutschland: Die politischen Systeme der Bundesrepublik Deutschland und GroĂźbritanniens im Vergleich, Dr. Wolfgang RĂĽdig

(Domestic politics of the Federal Republic of Germany: Comparison of the political systems of the Federal Republic of Germany and Great Britain)

August 1988, 28 pages